Providing the right policy

Insurance Quote of the Day

People who live in glass houses,
should take out insurance.


Advantages in working with a Broker

An Independent Broker says it all, doesn’t it?

Finding your right policy
Jamber Insurance is a member of the Independent Brokers Association of Alberta.

Insurance is distributed through various channels. Decide for yourself why you are placing your insurance purchases with an Independent Broker.

Insurance Brokers Association of Alberta

Your best insurance is an insurance broker

Brokers are business people. Their success depends on your satisfaction. Insurance Brokers do not work for the companies that they represent and therefore can assist you with objective advice.

Brokers can choose from many insurance products offered by the insurance companies that they represent.

Continuing education is required each year in order to maintain their Brokers license. Since they are licensed by the Province, they operate under a strict code of conduct.

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