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Group Home & Auto Programs

A group home and auto program brings enhanced benefits to its members

Group Plan Concepts
Employers, Association Members, and Union’s may be eligible for a Group Home & Auto Program. The group program offers discounted insurance rates to its employees or members at no cost to the employer or association

The group penetration, positive claims experience, and lower administration costs allow flexibility in providing preferred rates with enhanced product benefits.

Through mass marketing and group buying power, group members can realize savings in their personal insurance premiums and receive personalized individual service with benefits that come from belonging to a group.

Benefits to Management
By endorsing a group home and auto insurance program offered to its staff or members compensation and benefit packages are enhanced.

Jamber Insurance will deal with the implementation, administration, and marketing of the plan.

Individual involvement in the group program is voluntary.

There is absolutely no cost to the employer or member association.

Benefits to Employees
The group buying power enables group members to receive a broader selection of personal insurance products with enhanced coverage.

Discounted better than average rates are also available to employees that may not be offered to the general public.

Employees, members, their dependants, and retirees are eligible for the group home and auto program.

Enhanced Benefits may Include:

  • Reduced premiums typically 10 – 15 % discounted rates
  • Financing fee is waived for monthly payment plans
  • Several policy endorsements will be included at no extra cost
  • Access to a network of professional services
  • Enhanced coverage wordings may be negotiated on behalf of the group